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The Sixth Generation of Wi-Fi.

The newest evolution of Wi-Fi—802.11ax—is designed with the Wi-Fi users of today and the trends for tomorrow in mind. Max delivers blazing fast speeds and greater capacity for the Wi-Fi networks we’ve come to rely on as we connect more devices in more places.

  • Max Performance

    Max WiFi is up to 6X faster than the current generation, eliminates network congestion, and uses less battery. It just works—no matter how many devices you connect.

  • Max Connections

    Max is designed to provide highest quality voice & video for the skyrocketing number of devices—and things—connecting to the Internet today. From the home to stadiums and venues to schools and offices, Max has it covered.

  • Max Reliability

    With Max, Wi-Fi has gotten even smarter: like an orchestra conductor, Max directs and coordinates the symphony of data to make sure it flows, no matter where you are. Max makes the Gigabit Home possible.

  • Max Social

    Max makes livestreaming seamless, so you can share your video in the moment. And just wait to see what Max will do for virtual reality’s immersive experiences.

How does Max Work?

The newest generation of Wi-Fi was designed with the goal to consistently and reliably improve throughput per user by at least 4 times in dense or congested environments.

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Max Performance

  • Max bandwidth – 160MHz

    Max devices can use twice as much bandwidth as the best-in-class Wi-Fi devices today.

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  • Max data efficiency – 1024QAM

    Max delivers more data at blazing fast speeds.

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  • Max range and coverage

    Max improves the range of Wi-Fi by up to 4X.

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  • Max battery life – TWT

    Max delivers 7X better battery life for your devices using features like Target Wake Time (TWT).

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Max is for Max Social

Max is the first Wi-Fi generation optimized for the way we communicate now—real time video. Think of livestreaming on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to emerging augmented and virtual reality experiences and gaming. OFDMA in the uplink will handle massive amounts of upload traffic with ease. And in environments with fewer devices, MU-MIMO (Multi user - Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology also allows these same applications to upload and live stream much higher quality video.

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Max Reliability


    Max can handle more users, meaning your connection will be reliable—even in congested places like venues, stadiums, or offices.

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  • Scheduling

    Max can schedule traffic, ensuring each device gets enough airtime and bandwidth.

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  • Spatial Reuse

    Max avoids interference while sharing the airwaves, letting routers intelligently decide when to transmit.

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Max Enterprise

The enterprise network today is increasingly wireless, but mission-critical applications need high performing, reliable networks—with fast speeds and low latency. Max delivers this performance and user experience while supporting the high density client environments of today. Whether this is a demanding office environment, K-12 classroom or an ultra-high density stadium deployment, enterprise network IT professionals will rely on Max’s intelligent features to make complex deployments easy.

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Max Connections with Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access

Max uses Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) technology to schedule traffic, allocating spectrum when you need it. Now, many more users and devices can utilize the same bandwidth.

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Max Compatibility

Max is fully compatible with 5G—the next generation of cellular networks. And it will help telecommunications companies and service providers provide blazing fast wireless internet to customers at a lower cost.

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