Max: the Wi-Fi that’s a Match for WWE (and Taylor Swift)

These days, being event-ready is a more digital experience than ever before. Around one in five smartphone users in the United States are interested in live video broadcasting, and one third of Facebook’s 1.6 billion plus users have watched a live video of a celebrity, politician, musician, or other influencer. Attending an event like a game or a concert now goes hand-in-hand with the ability to livestream and upload content to share with friends and family. To do that, event goers largely depend on Wi-Fi.

We’ve seen Wi-Fi in action at events such as Taylor Swift shows and Wrestlemania: in 2015, Taylor Swift fans used more than 3 terabytes of data in a single night—two nights in a row—during Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour, and fans at Levi’s Stadium for Wrestlemania 31 used over 4.5 terabytes of data. That’s a truly impressive amount of data. What’s even more impressive is that fans are continuing to use even more data: fans at Super Bowl 2017 generated a whopping 11.8 terabytes of data.

Sports and music fans have depended on Wi-Fi to handle their data needs, and it has delivered. However, Max WiFi—built on the latest generation of Wi-Fi—would seriously upgrade WiFi capacity, reducing the strain on the venue’s wireless networks.

For starters, devices equipped with Max WiFi have some serious bandwidth. With Max WiFi, they can use twice as much bandwidth as the best-in-class Wi-Fi devices running on the current standard, 802.11ac. Max WiFi is also much more efficient, thanks to Target Wake Time (TWT) and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) technology. Max WiFi can deliver more data at blazing fast speeds—up to six times faster than today’s Wi-Fi standard. Stuck up in the nosebleed seats? No problem. Max WiFi also lets event goers enjoy four times more range. Because Max WiFi is so efficient, devices that use it don’t need to work as hard to connect to a network or to send a livestream, meaning they can also stay online longer—Max WiFi delivers a battery life that lasts seven times longer.

That means more Snapchats of Taylor Swift, more video chatting with the people you love as your favorite wrestlers battle it out in the ring, and more seamless livestreaming so that you can share that perfect touchdown in the moment—no matter where you are. Plus, you won’t need to worry about your signal cutting out: Max WiFi eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones and has you covered, whether you’re inside in a private box or out in the stands.

It’s time that we had a Wi-Fi standard that’s as social as we are. No matter where your event is or how crowded it is, Max Wi-Fi can help you livestream and upload more, faster. For more about Max WiFi technology, visit