Max WiFi at The Wi-Fi Summit

This week, the WifiForward coalition brought policy makers and wireless industry leaders and insiders together in Washington, D.C. for The Wi-Fi Summit. Panelists discussed spectrum issues and policy, both as they are today and into the future. One prevalent topic in their discussion of the wireless future: the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ax, also known as Max WiFi.

“I’m going to talk about some of the most exciting things we’re working on, including 802.11ax,” said Broadcom Director of Wireless Connectivity Business and panelist Gabriel Desjardins. He described the the improvements that Max WiFi brings to the Wi-Fi including twice as much bandwidth, blazing fast speeds—up to four times better range—and up to seven times longer battery life.

Desjardins told attendees that with Max WiFi, the name of the game is capacity: “802.11ax Max WiFi has a massive improvement in spectrum efficiency, management, and better throughput, but ultimately it’s really all about an improvement in capacity.”

“Previous Wi-Fi generations have had trouble keeping up with all the data we use, but 802.11ax aims to change that. It has significant increases in capacity—not just in venues, but also in the office and in the home,” he said, adding, “You will see improvements in Wi-Fi [with the Max WiFi standard, especially] in the places where most of us use Wi-Fi and cellular and can’t necessarily get the data access that we need, that’s where 802.11ax Max WiFi will go. It will solve all of those connectivity problems for users.”

Lucky for us, Desjardins also hinted that it won’t be long until we can see this breakthrough Wi-Fi standard in action: “Tons of demos are going to show up at CES, and products will be on the shelves in the Spring.”

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