Max WiFi and Gaming

Any gamer will tell you that your Internet connection can make or break your gaming experience—and they’re right. Each generation of Wi-Fi technology has gotten faster, which is helpful, but as data usage and demand continue to skyrocket, impressive speeds aren’t going to be enough to keep up.

Enter Max WiFi, the latest Wi-Fi standard, also known as 802.11ax. While it is certainly faster than the current Wi-Fi standard—up to six times faster, in fact—Max WiFi is really designed for capacity. It’s a gamer’s dream. Max WiFi has been engineered from the ground up to handle way more data from more devices at the same time, so you can have multiple players on gaming devices without a worry. It’s ultra-reliable through every raid, level, and campaign, and ultra-efficient through any game live-stream.

Max WiFi packs a big punch thanks to its innovative redesign and the addition of orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (OFDMA) and scheduling technologies like Target Wake Time (TWT).

OFDMA enables Max WiFi to direct data traffic in a much more efficient way. Instead of using an entire channel to transmit data from one client device while the other client device’s data waits for “its turn,” Max WiFi schedules traffic so that each device’s data can get through concurrently. To put it in gamer terms, instead of waiting for your friend to finish using your favorite console before you can play, you can now both play at the same time.

TWT adds even greater efficiency, helping extend your devices’ battery life as it enables devices to “rest” when they’re not needed. That saves energy and time when you could be gearing up for your next game.

Max WiFi truly gives your gaming experience a “level up.” To learn more about this exciting technology, visit