Max WiFi Predictions for CES 2018

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) is the biggest tech show on the planet; it’s only natural that as CES 2018 approaches, the next big thing in Wi-Fi, Max WiFi—the latest Wi-Fi standard also known as 802.11ax—is on everyone’s mind as they prepare for the show.

After all, CES is where the industry comes together to check out the hottest new devices for the smart home, office, city and beyond. Many of those devices will depend on Wi-Fi, and Max WiFi has the capacity to take their performance to the next level.

Check out three trends that we expect to see at CES 2018, and how they will benefit from Max WiFi:

1) More Connectivity in More Places

Smart assistants are popping up in more places, from your entertainment devices to your phone to your refrigerator. It’s part of an overall trend of an increasingly connected world. Luckily, Max WiFi eliminates dead zones and improves Wi-Fi range by up to four times better than the current standard offers. Wherever you take your digital experience, Max WiFi will have you covered.

2) IoT

At CES this year, we expect attendees to see that the adoption of IoT technologies is increasing exponentially. Max WiFi will allow more devices to connect to a given network at the same time, thanks to innovative technologies like Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), Targeted Wake Time (TWT), and improved scheduling.

OFDMA empowers Max WiFi to direct data traffic much more efficiently, transmitting data from different devices concurrently, instead of having each device’s data wait for its turn. TWT and better scheduling also enable smart home devices to rest when they aren’t needed.

The result? Hyper-efficient use of your IoT devices which all run smoothly, no matter how many you add to your network.

3) 5G

CES isn’t just about gadgets; it’s also about the networks that they depend on. Like Max WiFi, 5G is designed to handle much more data, faster. Max WiFi, however, can help 5G work even better—much of 5G cellular traffic demand can easily be offloaded via Max WiFi by leveraging Wi-Fi’s existing dense and ubiquitous install base, reducing the telecom carrier’s overall capital expenditures.

In fact, Wi-Fi is already the most heavily used internet connection technology, moving more than half of all Internet traffic and 80% of all wireless traffic. Imagine how much data we could move with this new-and-improved version of the Wi-Fi we already benefit from. Max WiFi is a cost-effective way to give 5G a leg up and to meet skyrocketing demands for data.

When you’re at CES 2018, be sure to keep Max WiFi in mind as you peruse the latest and greatest tech devices. Everyone else will be. To learn more about Max WiFi technology, visit us at