Max WiFi and CES 2018

Before CES 2018 began, we predicted that increased connectivity, IoT, and 5G—three major trends in which Max WiFi, the latest Wi-Fi standard also known as 802.11ax, will play a key role—would be big at this year’s show.

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VIDEO – Smarthome Devices, Meet Max WiFi

Max WiFi, the latest Wi-Fi standard also known as 802.11ax, keeps up with all of your smarthome devices with its unprecedented capacity and efficiency. It saves energy and makes sure that every device on your network runs smoothly. Check out the video to learn more, and share with your friends!


Max WiFi Predictions for CES 2018

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) is the biggest tech show on the planet; it’s only natural that as CES 2018 approaches, the next big thing in Wi-Fi, Max WiFi—the latest Wi-Fi standard also known as 802.11ax—is on everyone’s mind as they prepare for the show.

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Max WiFi and Gaming

Any gamer will tell you that your Internet connection can make or break your gaming experience—and they’re right. Each generation of Wi-Fi technology has gotten faster, which is helpful, but as data usage and demand continue to skyrocket, impressive speeds aren’t going to be enough to keep up.

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Happy Holidays from the Max WiFi Team

This holiday season, the Max WiFi team is wishing you happy holidays and a great new year.

Our New Year’s resolution is to improve your next-generation Wi-Fi experience. Here are three ways that the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ax—also known as Max WiFi—will do just that:

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VIDEO – Max WiFi: More Sharing. More Social.

Max WiFi, the latest Wi-Fi standard also known as 802.11ax, is the first Wi-Fi standard designed for how we connect today. Lightning-fast, ultra-efficient, and with unprecedented capacity, Max WiFi can support how we socialize with the people we care about—through live streaming, real-time video, and more—across more devices, with more range, and with more battery life.


Max WiFi: Connecting Sports Fans to the “Second Screen”

Whether you’re tuning in to a college football game or cheering for your NFL fantasy players one thing that remains true is the way we watch sports is not what it used to be. According to a Deloitte study, the sports media landscape is evolving rapidly—if you’re watching the game live in the stadium, at a local sports bar, in the comfort of your own couch or streaming it on your phone at a family dinner, one thing is for sure, we consume sports differently.

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Talking Max WiFi: Phil Solis of SAR Insight

The tech world is abuzz about the latest standard of Wi-Fi: Max WiFi, also known as 802.11ax, is a breakthrough technology that provides users with capacity on their mobile devices. Phil Solis of SAR Insight recently wrote a compelling two-part series: “Why 802.11ax Will Maintain Wi-Fi’s Relevance” explaining how Max WiFi technology continues to keep Wi-Fi at the forefront of how we approach our increasingly connected world.

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Mid-Band Unlicensed Spectrum and Max WiFi

When we talk about Wi-Fi development, there’s essentially two sides of the story: the technical evolutions—and revolutions, like the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ax Max WiFi—and the airwaves that Wi-Fi uses to transmit data.

Demand for Wi-Fi is immense—and increasing. More than 15 billion Wi-Fi connected devices were shipped around the planet in 2016, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance, and IEEE anticipates that there will be 50 billion connected wireless devices by 2022. Gartner even estimates that an average family of four will have about 50 connected devices by then. Max WiFi, which is built for capacity and not just speed, is designed to help manage all of that data.

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